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Parent Respect (PRW - 101)
Pediatric Respite Worker
Parent Respect (PRW - 101)
Parent Respect covers the many facets of being the parent of a child with special needs - the grief cycle, the challenges that are common among all parents of children with special needs, and the struggles that are unique to rural areas like...
Communicating with Nonverbal Children (PRW - 201)
Pediatric Respite Worker
Communicating with Nonverbal Children (PRW - 201)
Talking to any child is actually more complex than you think it is! We encourage you to explore with us the very complex tasks of listening and speaking, and use that knowledge to communicate with those you care for in a way that helps both YOU...
Challenging Behavior 101 (PRW-301)
Pediatric Respite Worker
Challenging Behavior 101 (PRW-301)
Even though we know that children are not just "little adults," sometimes our expectations of them are wildly unrealistic. There are ways to help a child WANT to be your friend, and WANT to do as you ask so that the fun can continue. This module...

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